Preventive Maintenance of Wood Drying Equipment(2)


2. Heating and spraying system The common failures of h […]

2. Heating and spraying system The common failures of heating and spraying system are mainly steam or hot water leakage, poor heating caused by filter blockage, etc. In case of leakage, the main valve should be closed in time. If the leak point is the flange connection, just tighten the bolts. If the flange gasket is damaged or the welding part is leaking and desoldering, the steam or hot water in the pipeline must be emptied, and then the flange gasket must be replaced or the leakage part must be re-welded by a professional welder; after the repair, the pressure resistance must be carried out. Test, that is, turn on steam or hot water for trial operation, and check whether the welding is firm. If a leak is caused by trachoma on a valve, elbow or pipe, the part must be replaced. Clean the filter regularly. The filter of the heating and spraying system is to protect the electric valve and the solenoid valve, so as to avoid the difficulty of opening and closing the electric valve and the solenoid valve caused by the blockage of fine debris, so it should be cleaned regularly. The cleaning time is generally set as: the fifth day after the drying equipment is put into use, the second cleaning; the second cleaning after ten days from the first cleaning; the third cleaning after 20 days from the second cleaning; Clean every three months. It is also possible to shorten the cleaning time interval depending on the degree of steam or hot water and the cleanliness of the pipes. If the filter mesh is damaged, it should be replaced in time. For example, when the heat source of the drying kiln is steam, a hydrophobic system is installed at the end of the pipe, and the filter of the steam trap must also be cleaned. The cleaning method and time are the same as above. warn:
When cleaning the filter and trap of the heating and spraying system, no matter whether the drying kiln is working or not, the valves at both ends of the filter and the trap must be closed to prevent the maintenance personnel from being scalded by steam or hot water. If the electric valve and the solenoid valve are difficult to open and close, usually because of the blockage of fine debris, the electric valve actuator and solenoid valve coil (winding) should be removed, and the valve core can be moved up and down manually. Remove the valve core and remove the fine debris. The valve core of the electric valve and the solenoid valve should be filled with high temperature resistant liquid lubricating oil every two months. If the spray system uses atomized hot water, the spray head must be cleaned after each drying.
3. The fan (Draught Fan) and the motor are checked every three months for the fixing condition of the fan and the motor. Tighten the connecting bolts between the fan blade and the motor shaft, the fan ring and the fan frame, and the motor and the motor base. Every three months, add lubricating oil to the motor. The motor lubricating oil is recommended to be high temperature resistant grease, with a temperature resistance of more than 350 ℃. Users can buy it by themselves or from our company. When filling the motor lubricating oil, the filling hole at the other end must be manually opened to exclude air.
4. Drying kiln body Drying kiln body is required to be well sealed at all times. For the civil kiln body, if the cement wall cracks or the cement falls off due to the collision of wood and forklift, it must be repaired in time. For the metal kiln body, if forklift or wood damages the aluminum alloy plate of the drying kiln body, it should be repaired in time. The method is to cover the damaged area with an aluminum alloy plate, riveted with rivets, and sealed with silica gel (Silica).
5. The rotating part of the dehumidification system should be filled with lubricating oil every two months.
6. Drying kiln size door
The door of the drying kiln is required to be well sealed, and the sealing strip should be inspected from time to time to see if it is aging or damaged, and if so, it should be replaced in time.
7. Door opener The door opener requires free lifting and traversing. Turbine case, rack, pulleys and upper rails require buttering every three months. The lower track groove should be free of wood chips, sand and other debris that hinder the operation of the door opener.