Precautions for the use of band saw


The sawing machine uses a saw as a tool, and the sawing […]

The sawing machine uses a saw as a tool, and the sawing or band saw reciprocating or the circular saw rotating motion to saw the cut wood. Common sawing machines include wood band saw nd circular saws. Sawing damage accidents mainly include saw cutting damage, saw blade break ejection, and wood hit damage. Sawing damage is prevented by the use of safety guards and proper operation.
1 Band saw blade thickness should be compatible with the matching band saw wheel. Avoid the use of large thickness saw blades for small wheels, causing breaks and injuries.
2 The serrations should be sharp and the depth of the teeth must not exceed 1/4 of the width of the saw blade.
3 Band saw blade welding should be firm and flat, the joint wood should be more than 3, the length between the two joints should be more than 1/5 of the total length, the joint thickness should be consistent with the thickness of the saw blade.
4 Strictly control the transverse crack of the band saw blade. If the crack is too long, it should be cut and re-welded (see Table 1).
5 The track of the large band saw machine should be straight, with the limit switch at both ends, and warning bars should be set on both sides of the sports car.