Woodworking machinery workplace requirements


Workplace requirements (1) Where toxic, irritant and fl […]

Workplace requirements
(1) Where toxic, irritant and flammable substances are used, the process should be placed in a separate plant or on a dedicated section of the plant with personal protective equipment and fire-fighting equipment.
(2) Facilities such as corridors, entrance hall, curtains, curtains, etc. to prevent the passage of fire, such as automatic fire doors, fire and smoke baffles, water curtains, shall be provided for the passage of logs, sawn timber and waste in the workshop. Wait.
(3) In the workshop need to safely reach the top of the equipment when the job, Hangzhou woodworking machinery should be installed with protective railing and stairs flyover. Factory floor and flyover channels should be laid non-slip ground.
(4) common pedestrian passage should not have equipment and lines, its width is not less than 1m.
(5) Conveyor belts below the ground should be covered with a cover or a ridge-shaped protective cover. Metal surface should be non-slip. Grid protection gap width does not exceed 30mm.
(6) sawdust and waste storage tank should be placed outside the plant.