How to use wood drying equipment?


There are many ways to dry wood. According to the way t […]

There are many ways to dry wood. According to the way the moisture in the wood is discharged, it can be divided into three types: thermal drying, mechanical drying and chemical drying.

Thermal drying is a method of breaking the binding force between water molecules and wood through molecular vibration, and allowing water molecules to evaporate or boil out of the wood;
Mechanical drying is a method of expelling moisture from wood through centrifugal force or pressing;
Chemical drying is a method of using highly absorbent chemicals (such as sodium chloride (Sodium), etc.) to absorb moisture in the wood.

Among them, mechanical drying and chemical drying have serious shortcomings and are rarely used except occasionally as auxiliary drying methods. The actual wood drying production (Produce) process uses thermal drying methods.

Wood drying equipment consists of air energy (other name: air source, air source water heater) heat pump, heat preservation water tank, circulation (continue) water supply system, aluminum (Al) alloy kiln body, kiln door (door device), heating System, humidity control system, air circulation system, intake and exhaust system, electric auxiliary system, detection system and control system.

Wood drying effect: the hot water after the heat exchange by the heat exchanger returns to the heat preservation water tank. At this time, the air energy heat pump continues to heat the recovered hot water, and the heat is used repeatedly, and the comprehensive effect can be The whole process saves 22-33% of energy consumption. The air energy heat pump is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly product advocated by the country. It has no waste gas or pollution. It is a new type of heat source configuration that requires wood drying temperatures below 75°C. It is especially suitable for use in areas where the average climate temperature is above 20°C. It has high environmental requirements. Regions and customers who focus on energy-saving needs are also more suitable. It can be used in areas such as secondary wood drying and redwood drying in furniture factories, with obvious energy-saving effects, convenient and safe use. The air energy heat pump heat source sawn timber drying equipment is equipped with a fully automatic control system, which is safe and reliable in operation. The process flow is stored in the main machine. The entire kiln drying process is intelligently controlled to improve and ensure the drying quality.