How to use wood drying equipment to save energy better


The primary operating principle of the wood drying equi […]

The primary operating principle of the wood drying equipment is: the sawdust enters the sawdust dryer by the blow pipe and the reversing cylinder. The material is jubilant and fluidized in the cylinder, and the hot air and the material are fully touched to complete the dryness. It has a good environmental protection and energy saving effect, let us introduce its energy saving methods.

A frequency conversion (frequency conversion) energy-saving device for the mechanical equipment (composition: drive device, speed change device, etc.) used by the processing enterprise can reduce the consumption (consume) of the equipment and the use of this frequency converter in the future of the wood drying equipment The operation is also getting better and better, and the overall noise (decibels (dB)) also decreases (descend), correspondingly, the service life of the equipment will increase accordingly.

The wood drying equipment is a closed micro-negative pressure system, and the loss of heat (Heat) in any link will have an impact on the entire equipment. For large-scale wood processing companies, besides processing wood used as raw material, which consumes more power, mechanical equipment used for processing consumes electrical energy, which is an indispensable wood drying equipment for the company. It also accounts for most of the consumption, so energy saving and consumption reduction methods for equipment are necessary.

For wood processing enterprises, wood drying equipment is very important. Because drying wood consumes a lot of power, electricity and manpower, it greatly reduces these, and it is also environmentally friendly and energy-saving. The characteristics are well received by us.