How to check and debug the band saw before use?


Inspection and debugging before using the band saw mach […]

Inspection and debugging before using the band saw machine:
1. Before the test machine, the installation accuracy of the machine tool must be adjusted.
2. Add lubricating oil to the parts to be lubricated, and check that there are obstacles in the movement range of the moving parts.
3. Check whether the insulation performance of the motor is good and the direction of rotation is correct.
4. Complete the inspection of the above three points. After there are no problems, carry out the idling test run: check whether there are any undesirable phenomena such as vibration and bearing heating in each part.
5. If the idling condition is good, you can start to hang the saw blade: the thickness and length of the saw blade used must be checked before hanging the saw blade; the whole saw blade has no convexity or uneven warpage; the welding place should be flat and smooth, the saw teeth should be sharp, and the sawing path should be correct. When hanging the bar, be careful not to let the serrated blade contact the surface of the saw wheel. The root of the serration is about 10mm away from the end face of the rim. Operate the saw road lifting device to initially tension it, turn the upper wheel by hand, and perform a trial run. If the saw blade is found to move inward (or outward), pull the lifting hand wheel back and lift the right guide separately. Column, adjust the inclination of the upper saw wheel until the saw blade runs smoothly. Then adjust the tension of the saw blade to make it tightly stabilized on a certain position of the saw wheel.
6. Check whether the automatic adjustment structure of the tensioning device is flexible and reliable. Press the heavy hammer with your hand, and the elasticity will be lighter, and the elasticity will be heavier. If the weight is too light, the saw blade will swing left and right and move back and forth during operation, resulting in poor quality of sawn timber; if the weight is too heavy, the saw blade will break easily if it runs smoothly. Therefore, the weight of the heavy hammer is generally kept moderate, and it is better to be lighter.