Do you have a certain understanding of quick-frozen wood drying equipment?


Wood drying equipment is specially designed and manufac […]

Wood drying equipment is specially designed and manufactured for drying some sawdust, small wood chips and veneer. We all know that the equipment is dried by high temperature heating method. For this reason, our staff should use the heating and quick freezing process of the equipment. Pay attention, let us introduce the quick-freezing process of the equipment: it consists of a refrigeration system, a vacuum system, a heating system, and an electrical surface control system. The components of the equipment are a monotonic box, a condensation device, a refrigeration unit, a vacuum pump (industry: machinery manufacturing), a heating/cooling device, and the like.
There are several types of quick-freezing processes: Air-cooling method: blowing low-temperature cool air on the material to freeze the material to a certain temperature within a regular time. Direct cooling method: The refrigerant or refrigerant is placed in the evaporative exhaust pipe, and the heat of the material is absorbed to achieve the cooling purpose. Vacuum refrigeration method: use vacuum to make the moisture in the material evaporate to take away the heat, and cool the material to achieve the purpose of refrigeration.
Immersion method: Immerse the material in liquid nitrogen, liquid fluorine Lyon, low temperature salt water and other media (the decisive substance) for rapid freezing. This method freezes fast. A method of freezing water-containing substances into a solid state first, and then allowing the moisture in between to change from a solid state to a gaseous state to remove the moisture and preserve the substance. Quick-frozen materials can enter the freeze-drying stage after passing through the previous processes such as selection, rinsing, shaping, and placing.
Wood drying equipment is a drying equipment with large drying output, remarkable energy saving effect and low maintenance. Processing (wood processing) plant is used.