Details that need to be paid attention to after the wood drying equipment is shut down


We all know that if the wood drying equipment can be us […]

We all know that if the wood drying equipment can be used for a long time, it is necessary to do daily maintenance and correct operation. Generally, we will check before the equipment is turned on and after it is shut down. The following will introduce the inspection after the equipment is shut down. Handling precautions: When the heat of each bearing exceeds 60 ℃. When the reducer and motor have abnormal vibration, noise and heat.
When the drum of the tumble dryer jumps seriously. When the conveying equipment fails. When the fuel and feed are cut off. In addition, if the high pressure indication of the tumble dryer is 0 when the equipment is shut down, the low pressure indication is normal, and the high pressure indication when it is turned on is 0, the low pressure drops slowly, and it is not cooling.
For the tumble dryer, but the phenomenon may also be that the fuse of the main circuit is broken, the control circuit has electricity, and the main circuit has no electricity. When we use wood drying equipment, be careful not to let it work for too long, which will accelerate the shortening of the life of the equipment. Of course, the preparation before starting the machine is also the same. Doing its maintenance measures will be the key method to prolong the life of the equipment.