Detailed operating procedures for wood dryers


1. Before the dryer is turned on, the operator should c […]

1. Before the dryer is turned on, the operator should check the power supply inside and outside the dryer. Make sure that the mesh belt is free of debris and that there is no one inside before turning it on.
2. When the dryer is in normal operation, only the maintenance personnel, the squad leader and the operator can open the door of the dryer. Others are strictly prohibited from opening the door. When the dryer is running, there must be two people to enter the dryer, and the operator must enter the dryer. , another person is supervised.
3. In case of abnormal conditions such as blockage of the dryer, the emergency stop switch at the door of the dryer must be turned off when entering the dryer, and the power can be turned on after cleaning.
4. The guardian of the dryer is not allowed to leave without permission, enter the dryer to clean up the products and clean up, and requires the operator's hair to be wrapped in a hat, and gloves are not allowed.
5. The following steps must be followed to start and stop the dryer:
Start-up steps: dryer mesh belt - long belt on the first floor - downhill belt on the second floor - vibrating screen - climbing belt - picking belt
Shutdown steps: vibrating screen - downhill belt on the second floor - long belt on the first floor - dryer mesh belt - picking belt - climbing belt
When the dryer is running, the thickness of the product should be uniform, and it is strictly forbidden to have more or less.
6. Except for maintenance workers, no one is allowed to adjust the over-limit alarm switch on the upper layer of the dryer mesh belt.
7. Adjustment of the temperature of the dryer: The temperature of the dryer should be flexibly adjusted according to the variety and specification of ham sausage and the temperature of the dryer. For example, if the temperature of the product being dried by the dryer is too high, the middle-layer hot air blower should be turned off first, then the temperature of the temperature control table should be lowered, and then carefully observe the temperature change and adjust it properly, and open the lower-layer cold air inlet valve. For example: if the dryer has passed the product with water, you should first check whether the middle layer hot air blower is turned on, whether the adjustment of the temperature control table of the dryer is appropriate, and whether the upper layer hot air fan is running normally. If the drying effect cannot be achieved, the maintenance personnel should be notified in time.
8. When the maintenance worker repairs the dryer, the person is not allowed to take off the maintenance warning sign without permission, and is not allowed to open the dryer, otherwise it will be dealt with in violation of regulations.