Design of auxiliary system for multi-purpose test wood dryer


Auxiliary system design. Other auxiliary systems includ […]

Auxiliary system design. Other auxiliary systems include vacuum systems, humidification systems, dehumidification systems, heating systems, and the like.
The vacuum system uses a water ring vacuum pump to extract the vacuum and a condenser at the front to absorb the latent heat of vaporization to prevent corrosion of the vacuum pump blade. The high temperature water vapor is converted into water into the water storage tank by condensation; the humidification system includes a steam generator and a diaphragm. Pumps, water tanks and nozzles, valves and other accessories. Humidification includes two processes of spraying and steaming. The spraying is carried out by pumping water from the water tank through a diaphragm pump and then spraying it onto the surface of the wood in the drying tank. The steaming is sprayed to the dry water by the steam generator. In the tank; the dehumidification system mainly includes a dehumidifier; the heating system has two modes of electric heating and steam heating, and the inside of the drying tank is provided with an electric heating tube, so that the temperature inside the tank can reach 400 ° C, and each electric heating tube can be separately Control, the outside of the tank is connected with a 18kW steam generator, steam can be sprayed directly into the tank for direct contact heating or indirectly through the heat pipe.

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