Design and Research of Multi-purpose Test Wood Dryer


    The role of wood drying and modification in the woo […]

    The role of wood drying and modification in the wood processing industry is increasingly important. The domestic wood processing research units lack theoretical research based on experiments. Therefore, it is necessary to design a small wood processing experimental platform with multiple functions. The platform can be used for a wide range of conventional steam drying, high temperature drying, vacuum drying, wood modification and high temperature heat treatment to obtain the relevant data, which can be used to optimize the process, energy consumption and environmental parameters of the corresponding process. reference. According to the functional requirements, the overall design of the testing machine is carried out.

The design includes the design of the hardware system such as tank body, heating, humidification, dehumidification, vacuum, electric control and its overall layout, function parameter design and control system design. The fuzzy control system is used to control the drying and heat treatment process, which improves the intelligence of the experimental machine. With the rapid and stable development of the furniture industry in the domestic and foreign markets, the wood processing industry has experienced a relatively rapid development of the historical stage. Since the reform and opening up, China has formed a relatively complete industrial system with conventional steam drying, conventional furnace gas and hot water drying, dehumidification, vacuum drying, microwave and high frequency drying and solar drying. However, this does not fully satisfy the society's requirements for drying technology under the new situation. Moreover, there are still many unknown or poorly-known problems in the field of drying technology.

Nowadays, improving drying quality, reducing wood loss, reducing energy consumption, increasing equipment productivity, improving the working environment and reducing environmental pollution, and reducing drying costs have become the subject of wood drying technology development. In order to cope with the development of new drying technologies, universities and research institutes and research institutes, which are the main force of research and development, should further increase the theoretical research on the basis of experiments, but a drying equipment is expensive, and experiments may require different types of drying. Machine, so it is very necessary to study a multi-purpose test dryer. The multi-functional test dryer can not only provide a variety of dry experimental platforms for scientific research institutions, but also can realize various drying technologies to combine with each other and comprehensively utilize their respective advantages to achieve optimization effects, thus creating conditions for joint drying technology research. . Functional design of the test machine Due to the structural limitations of the dry tank, the wood drying function of the design includes conventional steam drying, high temperature drying, and vacuum drying.

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