Continuous temperature rise drying benchmark


The drying temperature starts from the actual temperatu […]

The drying temperature starts from the actual temperature of the environment. During the drying process, according to the species, thickness and drying quality requirements of the sawn timber, the dry bulb temperature rises at a constant speed. The relative humidity is not controlled and no intermediate treatment is performed, but the drying medium is required to be laminar. The state flows through the pile (the air velocity is 0.5~1m/s), without changing the direction of the air flow. In order to keep the temperature difference between the drying medium and the wood temperature constant, during the whole drying process of the wood, the temperature of the drying medium is raised at a uniform speed, so that the heat flow of the drying medium to the wood can be kept constant, and the drying speed of the wood can be basically maintained. unanimous. It is widely used in the drying process of softwood in the United States.