Carbide saw blade tooth shape selection


Commonly used tooth profile around the teeth (alternati […]

Commonly used tooth profile around the teeth (alternating teeth), flat teeth, ladder flat teeth (high and low teeth), inverted trapezoidal (inverted cone teeth), swallow tail (hump teeth), and the rare industrial grade three Left and right, left and right flat teeth and so on.
1. About the most widely used teeth, cutting speed, grinding is relatively simple. For opening and cross sawing all kinds of soft and hard wood profiles and MDF, plywood, particleboard and so on. Equipped with anti-anti-elastic teeth around the tooth is swallowtail, suitable for longitudinal cutting a variety of knotted sections; with a negative angle of the left and right tooth saw blade sharp serrated, sawing good quality, usually used to paste Panel sawing.
2. Flat teeth kerf rough, cutting slower, grinding the most simple. Mainly used for ordinary wood sawing, lower cost, and more for smaller diameter aluminum saw blade, cutting to reduce adhesion to keep cutting, or saw blade for slotting in order to maintain the formation of flat bottom.

3. Ladder teeth is a combination of trapezoidal teeth and flat teeth, pushing table saw grinding more complicated, sawing can reduce the phenomenon of surface cracks, for a variety of single and double veneer plywood, fire board sawing. Aluminum saw blade In order to prevent sticking also use ladder flat teeth more teeth.
4. Inverted ladder teeth commonly used in sawing saw blade at the end of the sawing double veneer in the sawing of wood-based panel, slot saw to adjust the thickness of the bottom to complete the grooving process, and then by the main saw sawing plate to complete the processing to Prevent the kerf from chipping.