Common causes of drying defects during wood drying


1. Deformation: The deformation of the dried wood mainl […]

1. Deformation: The deformation of the dried wood mainly includes horizontal bending, longitudinal bending, twisting and warping. The main reason is that the shrinkage of each part is different, and between different tissues (such as wood ray and cellulose, heart sapwood) Caused by the difference in shrinkage and its partial collapse.
2, discoloration: wood will be discolored after varying degrees of drying, and some are more serious. There are two kinds of discoloration: one is discoloration due to the reproduction of discoloring bacteria and decaying bacteria; and the other is discoloration caused by acidification of components contained in wood in a hot and humid state. Drying wood with high moisture content at high temperatures tends to darken or darken the wood; sometimes the surface of the wood becomes dark due to excessive humidity during the steaming process or long-term uncleaning of the wood drying equipment.