Band saw machine operation skills


Familiar with machine tool construction The technical s […]

Familiar with machine tool construction
The technical specifications of the band saw are different, but the structure is similar. The working principle is basically the same as the band saw for the material. The MJ346A machine is used to introduce its structural features.

MJ346A type joinery band saw machine is mainly composed of machine base (body), upper and lower saw wheel, work surface, adjustment hand wheel, saw ratio, brake device, motor and other components. All transmission parts of the machine are sealed to ensure safe operation. The base, the upper and lower saw wheels, and the work surface are all made of cast iron. Two saw wheels of the same diameter are mounted above and below the fuselage, and the upper saw wheel can be moved up and down to load and unload the saw blade and adjust the tension of the saw blade. The lower saw wheel is a driving wheel and is driven by a pulley. In order to reduce the wear and noise of the saw blade and the saw wheel, a belt is wound around the rim of the saw wheel. The work surface is directly mounted on the fuselage with a gap in the middle as a path for the saw blade. The sawing ratio is attached to the left side of the table, and the work surface can be tilted by 40o. In order to prevent the saw blade from swinging left and right during sawing, a saw clip is mounted on the underside and above the table top, and the lower saw card is directly mounted under the work surface. The upper saw card is mounted on the fuselage and can be moved up and down. There is a pulley behind the upper saw card. When the saw blade runs backwards, it acts as a restriction and does not cause the saw blade to fall. The machine uses a centralized discharge of sawdust to ensure the cleanliness of the work site.

Saw blade replacement and adjustment
When replacing the saw blade, first open the upper and lower guard doors, loosen the slide fixing screws, turn the lifting hand wheel to lower the upper saw wheel, loosen the saw blade, take out the old saw blade, and put the ground saw blade on the upper and lower saw wheel, pay attention to the sharp angle of the sawtooth Direction down, do not turn up, then turn the lifting handwheel to raise the upper saw wheel and tighten the saw blade. Then turn the saw wheel by hand to see if the saw teeth are all exposed on the outer side of the saw wheel rim. If it is not exposed, the upper saw wheel should be adjusted until the saw teeth are exposed to the rim, and the edge of the upper and lower saw wheel moves smoothly. Vertical to the work surface.
The tensioning device of the saw blade is divided into two types: spring and compression (heavy hammer). This machine is a spring device. The base tension should be determined according to the width, thickness, and speed of the saw blade. The saw blade is usually pressed by a finger, and the tension of the saw blade is determined according to the left and right curvature of the saw blade. In general, when the saw blade is pressed by hand, the curvature of the saw blade is preferably between 3.2 and 6.4 mm.