Analysis of the influence of moisture in wood drying equipment when drying wood


When there is a temperature in the drying wood, the wat […]

When there is a temperature in the drying wood, the water in the capillary tube in the wood will produce a pressure difference, and the water will move in the direction of low temperature, so the temperature inclination also affects the movement of the water in the wood. Therefore, the movement of moisture in the wood is affected by two inclinations. When the wood drying equipment is dried, the external temperature is always high, and the internal humidity is high, and the two have opposite effects; but in general, the influence of the humidity inclination is always the same. The influence of temperature inclination is greater than that of temperature inclination, therefore, temperature inclination only acts as a hindrance, making drying become slow.
If the wood is used as a resistance body or heated with high frequency (Induction Heating), the interior of the wood will be heated evenly, which can greatly speed up the drying speed and reduce the consumption of heat energy. One of the development directions of equipment drying operation.