Advantages and disadvantages of several wood drying equipment


Steam drying equipment Strong production capacity (5m3 […]

Steam drying equipment
Strong production capacity (5m3 / kiln - 1500m3 / kiln), the drying process is mature, the drying quality is guaranteed, and the running cost is low (such as pine: 30 yuan - 50 yuan / m3)
Simple and convenient operation - "fool" type, wood color can be controlled, degreasing, discoloration, dyeing, insecticidal, sterilization, modification and other functions, steam heating is required, investment is moderate
Furnace gas indirect drying equipment
No steam is needed, the equipment is simple, the investment is small, the drying process is immature, the temperature and humidity cannot be accurately controlled, the wood (growth, dryness, residual) stress cannot be eliminated, and the wood is prone to deformation and cracking.
The color is easy to deepen, there is a fire hazard, there is a human error phenomenon, and each boiler needs one boiler to cause artificial increase.
Vacuum drying equipment
The drying process is mature, the drying cycle is short, there is no drying defect, the running cost is low, it is not restricted by the site, the equipment price is too high, only the small-scale production dehumidification wood drying machine is needed, no steam boiler is needed.
No pollution, too much power consumption, high maintenance and repair costs, low drying temperature, low production capacity, long drying cycle and moderate investment