Advantages and application range of drying kiln


advantage 1. Low investment, using wood processing resi […]

1. Low investment, using wood processing residues as fuel, low drying cost, only 1/3 of steam drying cost;
2, convenient humidity control, good heat and moisture treatment effect, uniform air circulation, good wood drying equipment quality;
3, easy to operate, easy to maintain;
4, compact structure, light weight, mobile, can be used independently and modular, easy to install, debug
Application range
Because the product has the characteristics of quick temperature rise, energy saving, hot air cleaning, etc., it is also an ideal equipment for heating and paint painting in the winter factory of the furniture factory. If there is a large production workshop or paint booth, the hot air stove (RFH energy efficient hot air stove) can be separately considered for heating. If only a small workshop or kiln needs heating, the furnace can be used for heating at the same time as the installation location allows.